What “Portrait of Kražiai” can teach Belgians

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What “Portrait of Kražiai” can teach Belgians

A picture of a family in Kražiai on “Klasse” magazine, distributed for free to all teachers of Belgium (2010). I am sure that people from Kražiai can teach a lot. Their endurance, survival skills are unmatched.

Happy Anniversary, “Vydas”

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Today, 19th of December 2014, Arvydas Sabonis, one of the most important basketball players in the history, is celebrating his 50th anniversary. A monumental figure in European basketball and an icon of NBA Hall of Fame, now is back in his native Lithuania, working as a head of Lithuanian Basketball federation. While he was playing […]

“D., G. ir Kiti”. Who are the heroes of the book? The Index

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My new book “D., G. ir Kiti” is a kind of a personal story, but photographs feature and texts mention a vast amount of names and faces. Numerous people were those that I’ve known. While others, like this boy who posed to me … I’d be happy to know his name and his story… Anyone […]

Presentation of my third, “Green” book

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I am happy to invite all my friends, relatives and colleagues to the presentation of my third book “D., G. ir Kiti” … On Thursday, June 5 at 5.30 PM, National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum (V. Putvinskio str. 55, Kaunas) will be hosting the event of launch of “D., G. ir Kiti”, book by […]

Interview about travel’AIR on Lithuanian National Radio LRT Klasika

On the occasion of my travel’AIR exhibition at Prospektas Gallery of Photography, I had a nice and long interview with one of the best journalists at Lithuanian National Radio, Audra Čepkauskaitė. At a coffee shop on Gediminas street in Vilnius, we were speaking about travel, airplanes, dreams, reality and European identity that was fuelled by […]

“travel’AIR” exhibition at Prospektas Photography Gallery in Vilnius

… On April 22, 2014 (Tuesday) 5.30 PM Prospektas Photography Gallery of the Lithuanian Association of Photographers (Gedimino pr. 43, Vilnius, Lithuania) opens “Travel’AIR” exhibition by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. This is the first public exhibiton of “Travel’AIR” in Lithuania, featuring 50×70 cm. prints mounted on alluminium. The exhibition will be on display until May 17, 2014. […]

travel’AIR – Houston, I have a Problem!

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My first trip to review portfolios in Houston Fotofest was among the longest, strangest and funniest itineraries I’ve experienced. In 2006, paper tickets started to give way to the electronic tickets.

travel’AIR – some more ice cream

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On this sunny spring day, airborne over Greenland, a group of us passengers were standing in the back of the Jumbo. Some were admiring the landscapes of glaciers, while the two of us – me and a passenger from South Africa were unanimous, pointing our looks towards the cabin crew members, who had just completed […]

travel’AIR – The Luncheon on the Grass

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Beauvais Tillé airport (BVA) is called “Paris” by cheap airlines. Well, Paris is probably the last thing that comes to one’s mind while visiting Beauvais airport. Not even a sense of a metropolis there… Neither the buildings, nor the infra-structure reminds of a hub, connecting this city of France to any possible country in Europe. […]

travel’AIR – brandy included

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Remember these days, when you did not need to fly business class in order to get a real table covered in front of you. On May 1, 2005 together with a group of Lithuanian culture actors, I was flying to Paris for a European Culture meeting organised by the Ministry of Culture & Communication of […]