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Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. Travel'AIR. Zurich - ZRH - 2010

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. travel’AIR. Zurich – ZRH – 2010

Air travel once was a matter of luxury. Decades ago considered a miracle, flying commercial aviation now is regarded to be as usual as taking a bus. Nowadays, it is a part of our routine, which constantly reveals itself in new faces. It joins up space and time, in which the advertising image crashes into reality. Ease meets the fatigue, comfort meets stress, luxury meets tawdriness, dreams hit into material reality, the feeling of safety is overtaken by that of vulnerability and discontent, and sometimes the logic meets absurdity.

Traveling extensively, I started to admire the daily life around the commercial aviation, even the one seen from the perspective of a passenger. My fellow passengers whom I photograph in that isolated world of waiting areas or within aircraft are kind of prisoners of rules, regulations and restrictions, which can comfort themselves saying “I fly, therefore I am”.

The series in progress has a working name of “travel’Air” and already embraces a number or narrower subjects around me, the “travel’Air”, such as departures and arrivals, airports, signs and marking, food and drink, tax free, in-flight moments, travel with children, plane spotting.

In print format, the “travel’AIR” images debuted in FOTO magazine (Lithuania) in 2000. First photographic exhibits were held in 2013, along with the published book.  2016 has been the most prolific year for Internet-based publications of the project, stretching from specialised photo blogs run by individuals to The New York Times LENS.

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