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Mindaugas Kavaliauskas @ FRA

My name is Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. Photography is my hobby and work since I was a teenager. I look upon it as photographer, curator, writer, curator, educator. One thing is to look at photography, while a whole other matter is sharing. For a long time I was sharing my insights and values through photography in my personal an my curated exhibitions, in teaching and my articles.

My blog is a platform for sharing my photography and ideas in the Web.

First, I need to say that my blog aims to show the work in progress and, as much as I can affort it in terms of time, upload news and content that could reflect my daily activities around photography and their outputs.

For filtering content, you can use the categories.

“Portfolio” will filter posts with works of my long-time projects subjects related to them.

“Activity” will select posts related to my fields of activity, such as KAUNAS PHOTO festival, LIGHT.LT studio, etc.

“News and Stand-alone posts” is a large umbrella category, grouping themes of news, such as  kategorijų grupė Exhibitions, Events, Articles, Books, and the forms of presentation of the posts, such as Photo Story, Video/Multimedia, Shot&Word.

If there is something particular you are looking at, you can always use the search form by inserting the keyword or phrase.

The completed series of works and publications are featured in my main web site:

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Mindaugas Kavaliauskas