After Summer Comes Winter

Posted on Oct 10, 2011 in Shot & Word

Pic of the day. Inhabitants of this island of a Norwegian lake told me that the summer would end on the 10th of October, when the first snow would fall. Before that, it is not too late to enjoy football, among other joys of summer.

Wish you fast recovery, Arvydas! And long live the hobby of photography

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 in Shot & Word, LIGHT.LT studio

News about the health cisis of the most famous Lithuania basketball personality, Arvydas Sabonis, resonated internationally. For me personally, it was a hint to think about the crazy speed and rythm and pressure under which we live on the daily basis. My blog, which has been silent for a month or so was not because […]

Childhood + Lake + Summer

Posted on Jul 1, 2011 in Shot & Word

Pic of the day. Hello July, the real summer in Lithuania.

Splash into the Lake

Posted on Jun 30, 2011 in Shot & Word

Pic of the day. Summerly refreshment is not the only taste of plunging into the water of a tranquil Lithuanian lake. The empemeric feeling of seeing something while getting back to the surface is visually so rewarding. It feels like painting. And it is difficult to grasp with a naked eye. Well, there is photography […]

A hot day at Kaunas car market

Posted on Jun 14, 2011 in Shot & Word, Portfolio

I decided to start uploading a picture per day, making it a small “pic-of-the-day” tradition on my blog. Sometimes this image will be “of today”, sometimes it will be a photo from my archive, reflecting the mood of the day :) To enlarge the image > click on it > enjoy !