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“Life Unseen. On the Intersection” interview about it on Lithuanian National Radio

"Ne(pa)matytas gyvenimas: prie aklųjų". Artūras savo garso studijoje. 2013

""Life Unseen. On the Intersection". Artūras in his sound processing studio. 2013

When I met him I wondered – how a blind person can be sitting next to a sound mixing table during the musical events, but what he revealed about himself during the interview to the Lithuanian national radio, was simply mind-blowing.

Imagine: a blind person with an education in economics, works as an IT engineer, but with music in his heart. During his free time he writes software enabling access for the blind to use sound processing software and plays, records and processes music.

His brother Audrius, also blind, has been sharing the hobby for creation and engineering of music since they were young.

The pod cast of the interview featuring some Artūras’ sound work and also his screen-less computer environment, here:

"Ne(pa)matytas gyvenimas: prie aklųjų". Broliai Audrius ir Artūras. 2012

"Life Unseen. On the Intersection". Brothers Audrius and Artūras. 2012