“travel’AIR” exhibition at Prospektas Photography Gallery in Vilnius

… On April 22, 2014 (Tuesday) 5.30 PM Prospektas Photography Gallery of the Lithuanian Association of Photographers (Gedimino pr. 43, Vilnius, Lithuania) opens “Travel’AIR” exhibition by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. This is the first public exhibiton of “Travel’AIR” in Lithuania, featuring 50×70 cm. prints mounted on alluminium. The exhibition will be on display until May 17, 2014. […]

“AUTO…” works with “The Amber Road Show” at FOTOFORUM WEST, Innsbruck

Posted on Jan 17, 2014 in News & Stand-Alone Posts, Exhibitions

My works from series AUTO Portraits & Landscapes were exhibited for the second time in Austria in the framework of “The Amber Road Show” in the FOTOFORUM WEST in Innsbruck from 22.11. – 21.12.2013. Opening: 21.11.  18:30. Invitation card features the same picture of mine, created in Kaunas car market in 2008, that was on […]

“Auto -portraits and -landscapes”, a title work of “The Amber Road Show” exhibition in Austria

Posted on May 13, 2013 in News & Stand-Alone Posts, Exhibitions, Portfolio, Events

… I am thrilled to announce that my “Auto – Portrait and -Landscape” series was selected and is exhibited in an exhibition “The Amber Road Show” in Wolkersdorf castle, Austria. Moreover, my work from Kaunas second-hand car market is selected to represent the project on its invitation cards and posters. The exhibition aims to review […]

Exhibition for audience with special passes

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in Photo story, Shot & Word, Exhibitions, Portfolio, Events

Exhibition “Kaunas-Grenoble. Crossing looks” was created in 2011. Two photographers from Kaunas – myself and Gintaras Česonis, who went to Grenoble, and two from Grenoble – Thierry Chenu and Thomas Guilmin, who visited Kaunas. On March 13, the exhibition was opened in the fifth venue of its itinerary. In September 2012 the exhibit was first […]

“Life Unseen. Near the blind” – portraits without background

Posted on Feb 9, 2013 in Exhibitions, Portfolio

My newest project “Life unseen. Near the blind” is about a community of blind and weak-sighted people, whose activities and living place is near a huge building, formerly known as blind’s factory, now hosting social, creative activities, concerts. This is a place where the community meets. The part of the town since decades is called […]

Audio-visual presentation of “Life Unseen. On the Intersection” on Jan 17

On January the 17 th., 2 PM will be held an audio-visual exhibition of the newest project by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas “Life Unseen. On the Intersection” at Savanorių pr. 206, Kaunas (Kauno Aklųjų ir silpnaregių centras). The event is aimed at both those who see and for the blind people, the community of which was in […]

NOORDERLICHT. To be continued

Admiration of international image community and provinciality of Metropolis are the two poles that affect numerous PHOTO FESTIVALS of today. The recent decision in the Netherlands to no longer finance NOORDERLICHT has been one of the hottest topics of the world-wide image community. I visited NOORDERLICHT exhibition only once, not as KAUNAS PHOTO festival (Lithuania) […]

“Portrait of Kražiai” at the exhibition hall of Christ’s Resurrection Church, Kaunas

Today, March 4, 2012 I had a wonderful experience, opening the “Portrait of Kražiai” exhibition at the exhibition space of the Christ’s Resurrection Church in Kaunas, possibly, the largest church in Lithuania. It was completed in 1940, but during the Soviet times it was converted into a radio component factory. After the restitution of Lithuanian […]