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Happy Anniversary, “Vydas”

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 in Shot & Word, Books, News & Stand-Alone Posts

Today, 19th of December 2014, Arvydas Sabonis, one of the most important basketball players in the history, is celebrating his 50th anniversary. A monumental figure in European basketball and an icon of NBA Hall of Fame, now is back in his native Lithuania, working as a head of Lithuanian Basketball federation. While he was playing for “Blazers”, he was called “Our Vydas”. In Lithuania, he was surely our “Sabas”. But having in mind all of his titles, it never felt difficult to meet him in person and get him in the mood for pictures. For the first time I met Arvydas face-to-lens in the early 2005, when he had just celebrated his 40th anniversary. His ease of communicating with people was incredible: “hey – my camera is just like yours”. So I learned that one of his hobbies was photography. He said,”take a look, here are some shots I’ve taken in Kenya”… So, here I bring a few shots with the hero of today and of the past half-century.

Let it be

Let it be “Sabonis 220” :) So we called the shot just after taking it

Arvydas Sabonis - for launch of

Arvydas Sabonis, for the launch of “Sabonis 220” brand. 2011

Arvydas Sabonis -

Arvydas Sabonis, kolekcijos “Sabonis 220” pristatymo fotosesijos “šūvis į šąlį”. 2011

Arvydas Sabonis freshly 40 years old, watching game with two Mindaugas' - Timinskas and Žukauskas 2004-2005

“Arvydas Sabonis freshly 40 years old, watching game with two Mindaugas’ – Timinskas and Žukauskas 2004-2005”. From my book “D., G. ir Kiti”

Arvydas Sabonis. TŪTA. 2005