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Kaunas Photo Star 2012 portfolio reviews announced

The silence on my blog during the past weeks was due to something important.

One of those reasons was the work on the portfolio competition KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2012, which is already announced.

The third KAUNAS PHOTO STAR, next to the usual face-to-face portfolio reviews in Kaunas, has some new aspects. The first one is the on-line review system, where works of photographers will be seen by fifty experts – curators of museums, galleries, festivals, publishers of photography, picture editors – from 5 continents.

Secondly, the main award for the winner remains an invitation for a solo exhibition to Kaunas Photography Gallery. Next to it, line up exposure opportunities for runners-up. We have a number of invitations to photographers to hold solo shows at Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga, museum of photography at Šiauliai (Lithuania), Braga Image Museum (Portugal), B & B Gallery in Bielsko-Biala (Poland) and the new Anzenberger gallery space in Vienna (Austria). Photographers are invited to submit works until June 28, 2012.

More info:

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