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Three exhibitions about a Lithuanian idol – the CAR

M.Kavaliauskas "AUTO -Portraits & -Landscapes". Jurgilas family with their car during the Kražiai festival, Kraziai, 2009

February 25 and 26, March 1,  2011 will mark three openings of three exhibitions of photographs by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. For the first time presented will be his works from series “AUTO -Portraits and -Landscapes”. It is the firs presentation of this project focused on the automotive culture in Lithuania.

Exhibitions and openings:

February 25,  5 PM at  Kaunas Photography Gallery (Vilniaus str. 2, Kaunas) – opening of the main exhibition.

The exhibition features early works from 2001 with car markets landscapes of Lithuania, followed with pictures of life – portraits, landscapes, interiors, still-lives around motorization: spare parts shops and repair shops, daily life and celebrations, garages and carscapes, sports and accidents, etc.

February 26,  12 AM (noon) – opening of the exhibition AUTO -Portraits and -Landscapes. 100 m2″ of 22 large scale photographs at Kaunas car market, one of the biggest second-hand car trading spaces in Europe. The 22 pictures will speak about transformations of life-style and landscape of Kaunas Car Market since 2001 til now.

March 1, 5 PM  at F Galerija (upper station of legendary Žaliakalnis funicular) – opening of the exhibition AUTO -Portraits and -Landscapes. P.S.”. In the context of the body of work about cars, P.S. this time will not only mean post scriptum, but also P.S. as “Paskutinė stotelė”, which in Lithuanian language means “The Final Stop”. Here exhibited are landscapes with cars that have reached their end of the road. Some of these cars end up in a junk-yard, but some get reborn as advertising shields, summer houses, or why not as a fish smoking house?..

Exhibitions will be visible at least until March 19, 2011.