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“Indiana Dream”


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While traveling the world and being back to my home country, I understood one more thing. Lithuania, is not only the country of connoisseurs of basketball, drinkers of beer and lovers of cars. After restitution of our independence, we got used to living in a space saturated with advertising, which was selling high hopes, beautiful objects and services. Therefore, we are advertising addicts. When the crisis hit, the advertising gone selfies. It started to sell the industry of advertising. My new series “Šalis ta Reklama vadinas” (“Indiana Dream”, working title in English) has an objective to investigate the contemporary Lithuanian identity through the culture of advertising, one of the most expressive external poles of reality. Advertising in landscapes, interiors, environment of work, leisure and culture is fueling sales and runs the economy, but its constant presence speaks of the hard times, dead-ends, and socio-economical absurd theatre.

This series is a continuation of my earlier work on the automotive culture in Lithuania and aims to distinguish new forms of cult of the past decades. First images on the theme of advertising were created around years 2008-9, while the intense photographic research has been pursued in 2014 with a help of a scholarship from the Lithuanian Council for Culture. The work is still continues in progress.

From now on, in the run of several months, I will be posting images of this work on the daily basis from one of the countries of intense advertising, Lithuania. To filter images of this work, choose category “Indiana Dream”