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“Portrait of Kražiai” at the exhibition hall of Christ’s Resurrection Church, Kaunas

Today, March 4, 2012 I had a wonderful experience, opening the “Portrait of Kražiai” exhibition at the exhibition space of the Christ’s Resurrection Church in Kaunas, possibly, the largest church in Lithuania. It was completed in 1940, but during the Soviet times it was converted into a radio component factory. After the restitution of Lithuanian Indepencence it took nearly a decade to remake the buiding to its original purpose.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas "Kražių portretas". Naujai nukalto kryžiaus kėlimas ant bažnyčios bokšto. 2002

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas "Portrait of Kražiai". Newly made cross erected on one of the towers of Kražiai church. 2002

The art exhibition space, same as the conference space nextdoor, hosting the audience of the events is well made from its look to lighting & hi-tech gatgets, such as video screens showing the conferencier to audience squeezed in the corners of the hall. But the

most incredible thing here in the context of Lithuania is the two-to-three hundred persons coming to listen to my talk and hit the show.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. "Kražiu portretas". Jurgio sukurta koplytėlė taip patiko jo seneliui, kad šis Jurgiui, kaip vienam iš aštuoniolikos anūkų paliko namą. 2002

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. "Portrait of Kražiai". This type of sculpture is / was typical piece of art, widespread in the past centuries in Lithuania. Jurgis, a man in his 20s amazed his grandfather, who left his house as a heritage to Jurgis, one of the 18 grandchildren. 2002

The selection of the show was obviously shaped to fit the concept of the place. I chose pictures reflecting the resurrection of the village of Kražiai – the reconstruction of the church, the spiritual life, things that made me think eternal, such as funerals, etc.

Nearly half of the pictures were not icluded in my book “Portrait of Kražiai” and exhibited quite infrequently, including the images shown here.

M.Kavaliauskas. "Kražių portretas". Peldunienės laidotuvės ir kontaktinis atspaudas su apsilankymo jos namuose fotografijomis. 2002 ir 2003

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. "Portrait of Kražiai". Funeral of old woman Peldunienė, born in the USA, passed away on the turn of the year 2002-2003 and a contact sheet of the roll of film, with pictures taken during a visit at her old house. 2002 and 2003

The exhibition will run until April 1, 2012. Visits in corcordance with schedule of services in the Church …

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