“Portrait of Kražiai” at the exhibition hall of Christ’s Resurrection Church, Kaunas

Today, March 4, 2012 I had a wonderful experience, opening the “Portrait of Kražiai” exhibition at the exhibition space of the Christ’s Resurrection Church in Kaunas, possibly, the largest church in Lithuania. It was completed in 1940, but during the Soviet times it was converted into a radio component factory. After the restitution of Lithuanian […]

“Portrait of Kražiai” available via Karamboo

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“Portrait of Kražiai” is now available via Karamboo, portal for books of creative industries. The book that until now was available to find “physically” in some photo book shops in Paris and Vienna, now is possible to reach to anyone living outside Lihuania. Link: http://www.karamboo.org/store/260275399 19 photographs, starting the book in the web gallery here.

Daily “Kauno diena” about the award I received

http://kauno.diena.lt/naujienos/menas/tukstancio-litu-premija-didesne-uz-nacionaline-332016 Article available in Lithuanian only ;)

M.Kavaliauskas gets Award of Kaunas Art Creator’s Association

Photographer Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, sculptor Leonas Strioga, poet Robertas Keturakis were awarded prizes of Kaunas Art Creator’s Association. The award ceremony was held in Kaunas Town Hall on February 10, 2011. The award for Mindaugas Kavaliauskas was discerned for his book “Portrait of Kraziai” and other photographic projects. Article of Kaunas Daily “Kauno diena” (in Lithuanian).

An online photo book store Sviesosrastas.lt launched

An online photo book store Sviesosrastas.lt is launched. In this online platform for real fans of photography, you can find publications of VšĮ (NGO) Šviesos raštas and other independent publishers. In the starting “menu” of online photo store you can find catalogs and calendars of KAUNAS PHOTO my “Portrait of Kražiai” and other photographic publications […]

Colleagues thought I was a memorable artist of Kaunas in 2010

Kaunas House of Artists is about to elect the most memorable artist of Kaunas, as they are doing in the end of each year. During several years I have been participating in the selection panel, but this year my colleagues suggested me to make a break, and sugested to the panel that I might be […]

Portrait of Kražiai – among 30 points of view on Eastern Europe in book LAB EAST at Paris Photo

In a way it’s already in the past, but … I have not told that on Nov. 19, 2010 at Paris Photo, Europe’s largest photography fair, there was a launch of the book LAB EAST about photography from Eastern and Central Europe, My works from series iš “Portrait of Kražiai”, included in the book was […]

Portfolio 1 – Portrait of Kražiai

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“Portrait of Kražiai” is one of my long term projects, that I can consider accomplished after the book of the same name was published in the end of year 2009 (Šviesos raštas, Kaunas, Lithuania). My first visit to the historic village of Kražiai (North Western Lithuania) was in autumn 2001, while most part of the […]

“Kražių portretas” parodoje Šveicarijoje

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